Güi Güi Camp

The only resort in the natural reserve of Güi Güi


If you like the sea and the mountains, if you are looking to disconnect from the mundane noise, if you are passionate about wild and 
natural environments where you can walk feeling the magic of the surroundigs, this is your place. Located on the wild west coast of Gran Canaria, a few meter from the beach of Tasartico, and very close to the road that leads to the
mythical beach of Güi Güi, this place offers a stay in one of the most beautiful places in theworld. Designed for the whole family and for all tastes and ages, this place will provide an unforgettable experience. We will wait for you!


Because of our location, we offer unique, magical 
and unforgettable outdoor activities. Come with us! Excursion to Güi Güi The beach of Güi Güi is a natural site free from the
pollution of modern civilization, with views and
energy typical of untouched nature. If you want to
know the beach, contact us and we offer you the
service you need so you can attend the natural
spectacle of Güi Güi. Trekking If you are a hiking lover, this is your place. The campsite is located on the west coast of the
island of Gran Canaria and
there are multiple trails that you can walk on foot
with the guide of one of our excursion experts. Get
ready to live experiences and closely touch Canarian aboriginal history.


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